Kia ora!
Welcome to the one stop shop for student exchanges. AFS NZ has been doing exchanges since 1947 and provides a wraparound service, before, during and after exchanges. AFS is a member of the NZ Council of Intercultural Exchanges and an approved NZ Ministry of Education provider.

AFS is a not for profit and charity (charity registration number: CC23972), with a mission to spread understanding of other cultures and people irrespective of race, sex, language, religion or social status.

The LIA (Language Immersion Awards for both students and teachers are now open, click here for more information.  We also have teachers arriving from overseas looking for short term home stay's please contacontact Prue if you're interested in hosting a teacher,

2017 Early Bird special! Get $1,000 off your year prorgramme! Text Rhiannon 022 639 0560 or call 0800 600 300 to find out more. Ends March 31st.

May 12th to 14th 2017 in Auckland. For more information, please see our 70th website by clicking here. You can also register your interest and join our mailing list for more information.

Mobile friendly site.... click here

So, where do you want to go? Click here to fill in an enquiry form!

We want to give YOU the opportunity! Explore our website and if you have ANY questions text
022 639 0560 or call 0800 600 300. You can also check out another video below to see what our other AFS students think about going on an exchange!

And if you have any questions...

We'll answer them all and help you decide where to go, get you ready, remind you to pack your toothbrush, then welcome you back when you get home.

If you're thinking of a Gap Year, click here.

For Parents

We know it's a big decision to send your child on an exchange, so we're not just talking the talk, we're walking the walk; many of our staff have sent their children on exchanges and some of our staff are returnees. An AFS student exchange is an opportunity for your child to spread their wings, experience travel and other cultures.

It will give them life long experiences as well as opening up opportunities in education and future employment. By supporting your child to do an exchange you're allowing them to develop as people and it's a gift that will last a life time.

                        "My AFS year was the single most influential experience of my life. I would say to                                           anyone, don't think twice about it, because the advantages will be with you                                                   for life."  Peter Williams, Broadcaster

AFS provides a wrap around service, before, during and after your childs exchange. While some providers sign students in NZ and pass them to other providers overseas, AFS has offices and support structures in all our partner counties. If there’s one time you want to deal with a large organisation, with a presence in every country, it’s when you’re sending your child off overseas!

AFS offers the widest range of country choices and 24/7 support which is second to none.
With no application fees, excellent predeparture and return orientation (including camps), and a focus on intercultural learning, AFS gives young people life changing travel oppportunites in a safe, supported environment.


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