AFS NZ is the premier provider of exchanges in NZ and with 70 years experience and extensive networks and support before, during and after, AFS is your first choice for exchanges and we’re committed to increasing intercultural awareness.

We provide 24-hour support for all AFS students and families, with proven risk management and emergency procedures. We know these are of paramount importance when operating in the student exchange market.

There are no application fees – just apply. AFS NZ guarantees that the price quoted at the time your exchange is confirmed won’t change. Other student exchange providers often increase participation fees in response to exchange rates or other changes.

AFS guarantees you’ll be accepted to the country of your choice, as long as you meet the AFS application guidelines and there are places available in that country.

As part of the preparations, exchange students complete activities and online engagement in the months leading up to departure. Students can connect with other students leaving at the same time.

Orientation’s are led by internationally trained AFS facilitators, and are designed to help students gain the most from their AFS exchange. It’s also an excellent opportunity for the students to meet other AFSers face to face.

Intercultural learning is at the heart of the education of exchange students, and AFS has a body of educational knowledge for students to tap into.

Over 10,000 New Zealanders have studied abroad through AFS including Sam Morgan (Trade Me), Peter Williams (broadcasting), Nick Smith (politics), Dame Anne Salmond (education) and Tungia Baker (actress). More than 10,000 AFS students have also been hosted in New Zealand since 1947.

Globally AFS is the only student exchange organisation to have received a special citation from the United Nations for services to the youth of the world! So we know our stuff.

Globally more than 12,000 AFS participants study abroad each year. Over 300,000 students have participated in AFS exchanges and AFS utilizes a network of more than 30,000 volunteers worldwide. We’re everywhere!

AFS is a not-for-profit, volunteer based organisation with a vision of creating a more just and peaceful world through intercultural understanding. Our mission is ‘peace through friendship and cultural understanding’. We do not operate to obtain commercial gain from students.

We are experts in Global Competence, so important in todays world, click here to read more.

Questions? To find out more just email AFS [email protected] or call 0800 600 300.