Every year AFS sends loads of students who’ve raised the money overseas. It’s not as hard as you think. Yes, you’ll need to work and save, but you can do it! The best way to tackle it, is to break it down. You don’t have to save all the money at once, take it week by week over the year.

We also have a range of scholarships students can apply for closer to your departure date, and you can check out Generosity NZ for other scholarships.

Think about it this way:

* Two six hour supermarket shifts a week at $14.25 = $171

* One eight hour shift lifeguarding at the swimming pool a week = $114 plus one three hour baby sitting job at $10 an hour = $30. So the total for the week = $144

Then add in some fundraisers with your school (movie night, fashion show) and your sports club (sausage sizzle) and mum and dad or other caregivers might be able to add in a one off donation….you’re almost there.

The important thing is to decide you want to go on an AFS exchange. The key is not the earning, the key is the saving. It’ll be so tempting when you see those cool new clothes or phone not to spend that money.

Just ask yourself this….Would you rather have a new phone today with all the fancy bits, or a trip to the other side of the world for a year of excitement, travel, language learning, new friends and life changing moments?…..Keep saving then, flag the phone the one you have is fine, it calls, it texts.

We have a fantastic booklet with loads of fundraising ideas that we can send you. Don’t sit there thinking ‘nah, can’t do it’. Call us and we’ll tell you how you can!

AFS pricing is based around making the exchange process as simple as possible for our participants. We bundle loads of value into the one fee to make it easy for you!

AFS guarantees that prices quoted (all inclusive, ticket included) at the time your exchange is confirmed won’t change. To find out more just email AFS [email protected] or call 0800 600 300.