Join a movement of active citizens helping people and communities learn to live together.

AFS volunteers range in age from students to seniors and share a spirit of adventure and a desire to make the world a better place. Volunteering for AFS enables you to build friendships, expand your skill set and given back to your local community. The only qualification required is energy and enthusiasm!

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When you donate to AFS you become part of a global community of supporters of AFS in its work to connect lives and share cultures. Your donation will help to transform the lives of millions of AFS participants, families and individuals that share a commitment to help build international understanding by helping people from different parts of the world live an intercultural learning experience.

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Host an AFSer

Welcome the world into your home.

Hosting an AFS international student is your family’s chance to experience a new culture in your own home. AFS friendships last a lifetime, expand your horizons and give you a new son or daughter. AFS offers support through the entire process.

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Are you AFS alumni?: AFS needs you!

Former participants (returnees), volunteers, host families and staff are all part of the AFS alumni community. To achieve our mission and remain a recognised top-tiered international organisation working to make the world a better place, we invite all AFSers to stay connected with us.

Find out what’s new with AFS and how you can help make AFS relevant for more people. Say “Yes to AFS”, and have a great time connecting with an exciting global community.

Link in with AFS NZ! Are you looking to reconnect with other AFSers? Or maybe you’d just like to spruce up your LinkedIn? Make sure to list AFS Intercultural Programmes New Zealand in your Education Section! Check out our article for a step-by-step guide.

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AFS delivers mission-driven impact three ways

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We develop active global citizens to take action

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We globalize schools and institutions with educational tools and programmes

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We expand access to intercultural education with scholarships and outreach