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Peru has it all! A strong ancestral heritage to countless archaeological treasures through amazing natural wonders and the warm-hearted people.

Peru is also a land of contrasts, traditions and culture as a result of different migrant processes that have occurred throughout history. The landscape runs from the vast desert coast with the greatness of the Pacific Ocean and giant sand dunes to the Andean highlands with its snowy peaks, glaciers and lagoons and down to the Amazon Rainforest rich in wild animals, plants and numerous endangered species in the world. Artistic and innovative, Peru will set your senses going!

Eligibility Requirements

You must be 16, 17 or 18
Enrolled in a NZ school
Getting ‘achieved’ or more in your school work

What's included in your experience

  • Airfare
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Host Family Placement
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • School Placement
  • Medical Insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Field Trips
  • Cultural Tours
  • Assistance with Application Process
  • Visa Application Assistance
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Orientations during your time abroad
  • Access to Alumni Network
  • Continuous Support
  • Worldwide Presence
  • 70 Years Experience

What you are responsible for

  • Vaccinations
  • School Uniform
Canva – Little Village Girl_edited

Host family and culture

You may live anywhere in Peru, most likely in a mid-sized or small urban area. Peruvian families are comfortable expressing their emotions, and like to spend time together during meals and at family gatherings. Parents are usually very protective of their children, especially girls.

Peruvian cuisine is well known and admired worldwide for its rich variety and influences from different cultures around the world. Staples of Peruvian cuisine are rice, potatoes, chicken, fish and vegetables, and food can be moderately spicy. Peru offers unique fruits, some only grow in this lush country.

Canva – Llama in the Machu Picchu_edited

Language and school

Spanish is the official language In Peru, while Quechua is officially acknowledged as a second language. Having a basic knowledge of Spanish will be helpful.

You may attend a private or public school. School usually lasts from around 8 am to 3 pm, and students wear a uniform. There are seasonal extracurricular activities in preparation for special occasions and holidays, like dancing classes or theater. Your school tutor and AFS contacts will also help you organize presentations about your country.

Let AFS guide your intercultural adventure

Kick-start your future with AFS and discover who you really are, make new lifetime friendships and immerse yourself in a fascinating intercultural experience.

This programme begins at your home country with a pre-departure orientation and continues with orientations, other supported learning activities and facilitated conversations which will help you maximize your experience, cope with the challenges of navigating a new culture and community as well as gain knowledge, skills, and a global understanding throughout your time abroad, and as you return to your home country. AFS volunteers will be there to support and guide you and your host family the whole way through.

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