Kahu is one of our students currently in the USA on exchange. Below is his update on how he’s finding life in Arkansas two months in. 



About two weeks ago, I meet with other AFS’rs who have come to Arkansas. It was a fun experience and cool to talk and interact with other people who are experiencing the same thing as me. There are about 24 of us here with people coming in from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Brazil, Chile, Thailand, and Indonesia.

I have also been busy doing stuff on the weekends whether it’s going to Houston to attend a bilingual church or hanging out with friends, it seems like there is always something to do

I am playing American Football and got to travel with them for an away game! Now I’m travelling to New Orleans with my host family.

School is going well so far. It seems easier than the stuff in New Zealand, which is nice.

Oh, I also went to this music festival they have in El Dorado and had some Alligator for the first time!

Kahu | AFS New Zealand Exchange Student in the USA