What does it mean to “global up”? 

To “Global Up” means to develop essential and lifelong global power skills needed to live, learn and work in today’s world: collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, cross-cultural communication, open-mindedness & flexibility.

AFS New Zealand offers Global Up Teen and Global Up Educator to students, teaching staff and faculty across the motu. Find out more below and join us today!


Expand your world

“I nurtured my skills, I got to learn new things, I made new
friends and had a fabulous mentor. It was really a good
experience. I became more interested in the field of
intercultural programs.”

Rose, teenager from USA

Global Up Teen is a web-based, blended-learning programme which provides rangatahi with essential life skills necessary for operating within our increasingly globalised world. The course includes 18 modules which will equip young people with robust global “power skills”, teaching self-awareness, empathy for other cultures, and ways to build bridges in multicultural settings.

Global Up Teen is an invaluable course for any domestic students interested in building leadership skills, developing an understanding of international relations and foreign cultures, or improving their knowledge of cultural values.

Students are able to self-pace their learning via the closed platform while taking part in weekly Facilitated Dialogue Sessions with our Qualified Facilitator. Participants will finish the course with a certificate of participation perfect for their CV, and the intercultural skills of a bona fide global citizen!

Participants: 14-17 Teens

Total Modules: 18

Modules Time Estimate: 10-12 hours

Total Facilitated Dialogue Sessions: 4

Total Estimated Time: 16-25 hours* depends on FDS

Facilitated by: Trained QFs

With the Global Up Educator program, educators will learn to collaborate effectively across differences through the virtual interactive program that requires no travel. The Global Up Educator teaches global competence and equips educators to foster global competence in their students. Learners will Global Up by engaging in the curriculum that’s categorized into modules that bring them Inward, Outward and Forward. The full set modules can be used as shown or rearranged and tailored to meet the needs of a specific audience. After completing the AFS Global Up Educator program, learners are more self-aware, aware of other perspectives and can bridge across differences.

Participants 18+; Adults
Total Modules 20
Modules Time Estimate 10-15 hours
Total Facilitated Dialogue Sessions 4
Total Estimated Time 16-25 hours* depends on FDS
Facilitated by Trained QFs

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