The Duffy Family, Auckland

Cambell, NZ to Japan year programme 2023 – Enkhjin, Mongolia to NZ intensive programme 2023

The Duffys and their Mongolian host daughter Enkhjin

Our son Cambell showed a strong interest in wanting to travel and experience the Japanese culture in particular. After doing some research AFS offered a really supportive network and were really easy to deal with. We wanted to support our son in this decision and wanted to give him the opportunity to learn a new language, to broaden his view of the world, develop his independence and confidence. He has gained this and so much more. Seeing him being able to embrace this amazing opportunity, deal with a range of different experiences, which at times were outside his comfort zone and challenged him has really allowed him to grow in ways that he never would have. He has gained a second family and made lifelong friendships. 

We chose to host a student for a 7 week period as we wanted to be able to give back. We knew that if it wasn’t for the families that host these students these opportunities wouldn’t be available and our son wouldn’t have had the opportunity himself. It was also an opportunity for us and our daughter to be a part of the experience, to learn about a different culture and to share about our beautiful culture too. An experience we will never forget, friendships to last a lifetime and developing a deeper appreciation for our culture and lifestyle and that of other cultures.

The Robb Family, Ohakune

Juliet, NZ to Argentina year programme 2023 – Anna, Germany to NZ intensive programme 2023 – Pietro, Italy to NZ intensive programme 2023

The Robbs and their German host daughter Anna and Italian host son Pietro

We chose to host two students – Anna from Germany and Pietro from Italy on an intensive short programme because we wanted to give back to AFS and show NZ to students from overseas. Our daughter was in Argentina on her exchange and we thought of how wonderful it was that there were families overseas willing to take students so why shouldn’t we give it a go.

We got two students on a short exchange. 1 – to see if we enjoyed hosting – we did! And 2 – we got two students as none of our children were living at home and we thought it would give them extra company – it did! We gained knowledge of Germany and Italy as well as learning what it is like to be a host family and form lifelong friendships. We learnt about cultural differences and how there are some very NZ things we take for granted that our students were amazed by.  We also got to see NZ through their eyes and we look forward to meeting up with them both in Europe one day.

The Shanks Family, Wellington

Callan, NZ to Germany year programme 2022 – Jakob, Austria to NZ intensive programme 2023 – Milla, NZ to Brazil year programme 2024

The Shanks with their Austrian host son Jakob

Initially, we chose to be a host family to reciprocate for the incredible AFS experience our son had overseas – We observed this unique opportunity, and wanted to experience it too. Inviting an exchange student into your home invites international connections, inclusive open-minded values, fun and grows your family in more ways than one. We will be back for more…

The Marshall Family, Auckland

Sari, NZ to Argentina year programme 2024 – Gianna, USA to NZ semester programme 2024

The Marshalls with their American host daughter Gianna

When our daughter Sari expressed a desire to go to Argentina with AFS last year we were both fully supportive. To spend almost a year immersed in another culture is a courageous decision that embraces the unknown. We anticipate that it will be a positive transformative experience leaving an impression that lasts a lifetime.

Following Sari’s placement with a family in Argentina we decided it would be nice to reciprocate by hosting a student and we were keen to have our own intercultural experience. It’s now almost a month since our host daughter Gianna arrived from the USA and the home has some newfound energy and we hope is more outward looking!

The Barnett/McPhail Family, Auckland

Adam, NZ to Peru year programme 2024 – Lea, Switzerland to NZ year programme 2024

Adam and his Swiss host sister Lea got to spend some time together before Adam leaves for Peru. The Barnett/McPhails are loving having Lea as part of their family this year!