AFS Global STEM Changemakers

AFS is proud to unveil 75 full scholarships for the AFS Global STEM Changemakers: Australia-New Zealand.


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A unique full-scholarship, intercultural exchange program for teens (ages 15-17.5) to foster transformative learning experiences through STEM, global competence, and positive social impact.

Scholarship winners will participate in an immersive 12-week virtual exchange program focused on sustainability, intercultural skills, and social impact, co-developed with the University of Pennsylvania Center for Social Impact Strategy.

Applications are open
10th April – 3rd June, 2024 

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Belgium family

June & July 2024 New Zealand arrivals!

New Student Profiles

Ready to have an intercultural experience in your own home?
We’re excited to share the profiles of our semester and short programme participants arriving in June and July 2024.
Choose the perfect family member to welcome this winter.

Student Profiles

Expand your horizons & dive in to a new adventure!

AFS Aotearoa Scholarships – Karahipi Mātauranga Ao

Intercultural exchange should be accessible for all students in Aotearoa New Zealand. With support from the AFS Education Trust, AFS New Zealand is providing a range of grants and scholarships for students from all walks of life.
Find more about our funding options in 2024 and beyond. 

Find out more about our scholarship options here!

"One of the best decisions of my life"

It’s a pretty special feeling to be able to converse in an entirely different language, and to see my grasp of the language improve from very basic sentences and words, to the ability to have full in-depth conversations as I’ve progressed. I’ve also made some great friends over here, and had some amazing new experiences that never would have been possible had I forgone this opportunity. I really can’t express how valuable that is, the vast range of things I’ve done, seen, or tried, things that, to me, are different in ways I never conceived of.

Callum, exchange student from New Zealand to Uruguay

Let AFS guide your intercultural adventure

AFS provides comprehensive orientation for all students and families before, during and after your exchange – AFS volunteers will be there to support and guide you the whole way through! In-person orientation camps in New Zealand and your host country are supplemented by our world-leading online Student Learning Journey, which is an interactive course that brings AFSers from around the world together to develop essential global skills, learn intercultural communication techniques, and practice social impact. This journey will help you maximise your experience, cope with the challenges of navigating a new culture and community, and gain knowledge, skills, and a global understanding throughout your time abroad and as you return to your home country. Find out more about our educational expertise here!