Aloysius Efraim Italy 2015-16 IMG_5992

A student exchange is an opportunity to discover your potential while experiencing a new country, family, friends and school.

An exchange allows you to explore who you are, what excites you and helps you to focus on your next steps. You’ll move to a new country, live with a family, just like you do at home, attend school and integrate into a new culture and life.

Plus, you’ll make new friends and see the world!

AFS will transform your life with new countries, new cultures, new people and experiences, helping you become a global citizen. These aren’t tourist trips, you’ll live like a local and get a genuine taste for life in another culture. You’ll be treated as one of the family and get great support from AFS.


“Are two words that describe my AFS experience. But it doesn’t quite cover the continued impact it has had on my life and who I am today. I left New Zealand to spend a year in Chile as a naive 16 year old and returned an independent young adult.”

Sarah, AFS returnee