AFS wants every student who decides to do an exchange to be able to. So we do our best to help with scholarships, grants, sponsorship and fundraising.

It does cost money to go on an exchange, but don’t think for a moment it isn’t doable. Money can come from a number of sources, savings, family, part time work, fundraising, gifts, scholarships and community funding to name a few.

Also check out Generosity New Zealand – this site can be accessed from public libraries and some schools. Put in your criteria and see if there is a scholarship to match.


General Scholarships

Students who’ve been selected for an AFS exchange and who have paid the initial deposit may apply for scholarships. To find out more just email AFS [email protected] or call 0800 600 300.

The following scholarships are available:

AFS Diversity Scholarship
AFS Excellence Scholarship
AFS Māori/Pasifika Scholarship
Friends of AFS
AFS Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
Global Prep Scholarship

Business Sponsors
AFS is in partnership with a variety of business organisations within NZ and Australia that offer scholarships to students and employees of those businesses. For more information, please click on the links below:

General Non AFS Scholarships:

The Ministry of Education has a page that details all the competitions students can enter. So if you’re a motivated student looking for other possible ways to use your skills to raise funds, click here.

Are you a skilled writer?
Writing competitions
Knights of the Southern Cross Catholic writing competition


AFS has also put together a fundraising booklet students can request. To find out more just email AFS [email protected] or call 0800 600 300.


Grants are offered by AFS. This is as a last resort for those with limited fundraising opportunities. Grants are allocated on the basis of financial need and decisions are made regarding these, after scholarships have been awarded.

If you’d like to apply for a grant, your parents or guardians need to complete an application form which can be requested about three months before your departure date by emailing [email protected] or call 0800 600 300.

Studylink Student Allowance

Students going on high school exchange programmes and who turn 18 at any stage during their exchange are eligible to apply for a Student Allowance from Studylink. This is a means tested allowance (on joint natural-parent  incomes) that is independent of a Student Loan. The forms are available on Studylink’s website and must be sent to AFS for our confirmation stamp before they can be accepted by Studylink.   Proof of natural-parent income will be required to complete the process.

AFS students are not eligible for a Student Loan for their overseas study time, meaning they cannot apply for tuition fees, Course Related Costs or the weekly Living Costs while they are away with AFS.

Instead, an AFS student may be able to get the means-tested Student Allowance (or some portion of it) from the date they turn 18 if their natural family pass the means test. This allowance is not related to a Student Loan.

A call to the Studylink helpline to get  first hand advice, check eligibility, or discuss other sources of funding is worthwhile.
Have more questions? To find out more just email AFS [email protected] or call 0800 600 300.