Kauri Programme
The Kauri is an iconic tree most popularly known in New Zealand through Tāne Mahuta, an ancient Kauri 2,000 years old and over 51 metres tall. It guides and guards the forest.

The AFS year programme, like the Kauri, is an iconic student exchange programme and has been running since 1947. Like the Kauri, students experience a year of growth and change, returning taller and more mature from the experience of living, studying and getting involved with a new culture and family overseas. This experience holds students in good stead for taking their next steps.

Kowhai Programme
The Kowhai is a medium-sized seasonal tree with bright yellow flowers in spring. Like the Kowhai AFS’s semester programmes are seasonal, providing students with opportunities to throw themselves into exciting challenges and conditions overseas, from living with a family and attending school, to experiencing a new language and food.

Just as the Kowhai, with its bright yellow flowers, makes a strong impression, so to, does an AFS semester programme. Students experience fast personal growth and return more focused and ready to take on new challenges.

Karo Programme
The Karo is a small tree or shrub native to New Zealand. It has dense dark gray-green leathery leaves. The Karo can withstand high winds and salt spray.

Just like the Karo, AFS’s short programme is small and intense. This programme challenges students to withstand, excitement, travel, languages, new foods and other exciting adventures, throwing a lot at students in a short period of time. A small, but intense taste of a new culture and life overseas.

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