What is Study Your Way (SYW)?

‘Study Your Way’ is the brand name AFS NZ has given to its fee paying hosted participant programme.

AFS NZ has been successfully running the Study Your Way high school programme for four years and can offer a variety of high school and English Language programmes.

  • SYW is a programme of AFS New Zealand
  • The role of AFS in SYW is as an agent
  • SYW assists with school selection in New Zealand, future career, programme options and enrollments
  • SYW offers AFS partners the greater flexibility, with no set application or arrival dates
  • Caters for those who sit outside the traditional programme age range
  • We work with both intermediate and high schools
  • SYW can, if applicable, provide some traditional AFS benefits, such as students joining chapter events

Click here to visit the Study Your Way (SYW) website for more information