Thrive in an incredible new place, unlike anything you’ve experienced so far, and create authentic connections that will last a lifetime!



Pursue your interests, while becoming a real global citizen through an AFS structured intercultural learning programme



Leave your mark on the communities you visit and work to create a positive impact for yourself, your local community and the world.

What is Global Prep?

Short-term cultural experiences for under 18s

AFS Global Prep programmes offer short-term, theme based, group experiences that address issues of importance to young people while facilitating their growth as global citizens.

The Global Prep programmes availabele have been designed for those with limited time, wanting to fulfill their desire to study or travel abroad. Students are provided with a content-rich itinerary and an immersive cultural experience for a duration of just one to four weeks.

Language study, volunteer opportunities and single topic courses (such as investigating environmental issues, studying new technology or human rights issues) are some of the educational opportunities on offer as well as a structured intercultural learning component, ensuring increased global competence of participants.

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Bites of Culture in China

Human Rights in Argentina

One month school programme in Denmark

Study in Denmark

STEM Summer Programme in Chicago

Study in Chicago

Colombian Culture

STEM and Irish Culture

Leadership Adventure Camp in Malaysia

Sustainable Development in Bohol, Philippines

Sustainable Development in Marinduque, Philippines

Zeineb Besrour

Why take part in Global Prep?

Global Competency

  • Deep cultural dives in just 1 to 3 weeks
  • Develop intercultural awareness and communication skills
  • Focus on themes and projects such as sustainability, environmental conservation, or human rights

University and Career Preparation

  • Build your resume! 88% of students reported gaining valuable experience for college and career
  • Lean into current events or historical perspectives first hand, and bring real world experience back to the classroom
  • Cultivate leadership and interpersonal skills like empathy, creativity, and confidence

Safety and Support

  • Our network of staff and volunteers support you throughout your journey
  • 24-hour assistance and health coverage are ready in case of emergency