Aim and Objectives
At a global level the aim of AFS New Zealand’s Pae Tawhiti Scholarships strategy is to ensure awarding scholarships at a local level actively contributes to the AFS organizational mission: to expand access to intercultural education, to globalize schools and institutions and to develop active global citizens. Accordingly, AFS New Zealand has four strategic scholarship objectives. These objectives are intended to support AFS New Zealand’s student recruitment and engagement goals, as well as the broader strategic imperatives of the AFS mission: To ensure students subject to social and economic disadvantage can access exchange opportunities 

  • To contribute to intercultural learning (ICL) goals of schools and youth-focused community organisations 
  • To connect future exchange participants with intercultural learning opportunities in developing AFS partner destinations and with programmes which support partnerships within the education sector 
  • To celebrate and acknowledge the leadership capabilities of students identified as future AFS ambassadors of global citizenship 
Scholarship Categories:

Pae Tawhiti Empowerment Scholarships
Six full scholarships to the maximum value of $18,000 each supporting students from decile 1 to 3 schools, for Maori and Pasifika students and for students experiencing social or economic disadvantage. 

Pae Tawhiti Leadership Scholarships
Ten scholarships valued at $5000 each for students providing leadership and advocacy in areas which align with the AFS mission such as youth development, gender diversity, refugee inclusion, community outreach initiatives, sustainability projects, active participation in the Model UN, or other relevant leadership and advocacy roles. 

Pae Tawhiti New Frontier Scholarships
Scholarships valued from $5000 to a maximum of $10,000 each (value and number of scholarships awarded subject to the exchange chosen), supporting students motivated to participate in programmes offered by emerging and developing host destinations. Examples can include Honduras, Paraguay, Mexico, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Columbia, South Africa, and Ghana. 

Pae Tawhiti Language Learning and Cultural Engagement Scholarships
Twelve scholarships valued at $5000 each, supporting motivated students enrolled in NCEA, IB, or Cambridge level French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, or Italian language study to access exchange opportunities that further advance intercultural learning outcomes. 

Pae Tawhiti Global Preparation Programme Scholarships
Four scholarships valued at $2500 each, supporting students wanting to participate in an AFS Global Preparation Programme with specific learning outcomes (notably programmes with a STEM or environmental science focus) that align with aspirations to enrol in related programmes of study offered by NZ Universities and Polytechnics. 

Application Process:
Students can apply for a scholarship prior to completing an application for their 2021 exchange.

  1. Applicants can apply for one scholarship category only (however AFS NZ can award a student an additional scholarship from another category in exceptional circumstances) 
  2. Requests for application forms sent to [email protected] 
  3. Completed applications and supporting documentation sent to [email protected] 
  4. Emails must have in headline Pae Tawhiti scholarship application, and the scholarship category
Application evidence required to be considered for a scholarship: 
  • Complete the scholarship profile form
  • 400 word statement outlining why you want to go on an exchange, what you hope to achieve while you participate and what you will bring to the role of being an AFS NZ scholarship ambassador, both during your exchange and when you return home
  • A copy of your latest NCEA / IB / Cambridge academic transcript
  • A written reference from either your Year Dean, your Principal, your language or science teacher (if applying for a Global Preparation or Language Learning Scholarship), your Kaumatua, a pastor or other senior member of your church, or the manager of a community service, support service, or sports organisation you are actively involved in
  • A contact phone number for your referee
  • Any other relevant documents supporting your application
  • All documents submitted in PDF file format
  • All scholarships awarded are subject to applicants completing an application to participate in an exchange departing in 2021, having their application accepted by the host country, and fulfilling all visa and public health requirements of the host country prior to departure. All exchanges are subject to availability