Global Competence development in International Education: Tools to make it happen!

In this half or full day workshop, we will explore the concept of global competence, why it is of growing importance and how your organisation can embrace it. Participants will have a chance to participate in experiential activities that enhance intercultural skills and learn best practices for student orientations. We will discuss strategies for implementing these activities in different settings and identify ways to turn brief experiences into long-lasting learning.


Intercultural Competence for staff and educators: Navigate a diverse world

Feeling like your team needs to enhance their own intercultural competence to be able to better work with other international staff, partners/institutions, students and/or homestays? This half or full day workshop will expand participants ability to interact and communicate in an effective and appropriate way with those from different cultural backgrounds. Tried in 40+ different cultures and with over 10,000 participants in the last 5 years, this workshop will definitely take your organization to the next level of global competence!

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