It’s so lovely hearing from our sending students! Here’s another update from a current student living in Argentina.


Although my first weeks of being in Argentina were quite difficult, the aspect of the culture where everybody is so welcoming and lovely truly made my life so much easier. School is such an amazing place to meet and talk to people because your class acts like a huge family always looking out and helping each other. The only downside to school is having to get up at 6.30am!

My Spanish is going okay.  I’m able to speak in sentences and I’m learning more every day. I’m grateful that I have started to understand a lot more in recent months especially in class when the teachers want you to do something specific.

I had an amazing trip up to the Iguazu falls at the start of June with 9 other amazing AFS students from my province, travelling to all of the tourist sites including the Ruins of San Ignacio (mini), Colonia Wanda, Hito Tres Fronteras as well as viewing the falls from both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. This has been one of the most amazing memories of my exchange so far.

Some of the things I’ve learnt during my exchange so far have been …learning to be patient, especially with the language. Although it can be frustrating sometimes, with patience you will become fluent and will speak much more naturally.

I have also learnt to accept that things are changing constantly around me and that I don’t always have control over things that are happening, especially when you have a language barrier and cultural barrier included.

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