Teachers are at the forefront of educating our young people, but it’s also important that they keep educating themselves. We have two areas that fulfill this mission.

Firstly, we manage the Government, Language Immersion Awards (LIA), which allow teachers learning languages to travel, live and study overseas. These awards are fully funded and for language teachers an important part of classroom pedagogy.

Secondly, we run our Educational Advantage programme, where we bring teachers for other countries into New Zealand and immerse them in our culture and classrooms.

Language Immersion Awards (LIA) for teachers

AFS New Zealand is contracted by the Ministry of Education to deliver the Language Immersion Awards (LIA). The Awards are fully funded by the Ministry to improve language teaching and learning in NZ Schools.

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Educational Advantage

Educational Advantage offers the perfect chance to observe in a New Zealand school and teach in a new culture, while sharing your own personal culture, language and teaching experiences.

By taking up this amazing opportunity, you will gain great professional development experience as a result of learning new teaching methods and creating new teaching resources.

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