What will it cost? How will I pay?

You might be wondering how you can pay for your AFS experience.

Well firstly you can! Every year AFS sends loads of students who've raised the money overseas. It’s not as hard as you think. Yes, you’ll need to work and save, but you can do it!

When something's big – like saving a lot of money, it can seem TOO big. The best way to tackle it, is to break it down. You don’t have to save all the money at once, take it week by week over the year.

Think about it this way:
* Two six hour supermarket shifts a week at $14.25 = $171
* One eight hour shift lifeguarding at the swimming pool a week = $114 plus one three hour baby sitting job at $10 an hour = $30. So the total for the week = $144
* Two six hour shifts at the fish and chip shop a week = $171 plus delivering fliers at $30 for a round. So the total for the week = $201
*During the holidays five eight hour shifts at the petrol station = $570

Then you add in some fundraisers with your school (movie night, fashion show) and your sports club (sausage sizzle) and mum and dad or other caregivers might be able to add in a one off donation....you're almost there.

If you worked a forty hour week in the holidays; there are about 12 holiday weeks a year, you'd earn around $6,000. Pssssst, that's half the money in just 12 weeks!!

And if you do decide to do an AFS exchange, well, we'll give you a fundraiser booklet with over 80 ideas of how to raise money!!

The important thing is to decide you want to go on an AFS exchange. Then you need to make a plan and make it happen. The key is not the earning, the key is the saving. It will be so tempting when you see those cool new clothes or phone not to spend that money.

Just ask yourself this....Would you rather have a new phone today with all the fancy bits, or a trip to the other side of the world for a year of excitement, travel, language learning, new friends and life changing moments?.....Keep saving then, flag the phone the one you have is fine, it calls, it texts.

We’ll let you know how much you need and you can divide it into weekly amounts, you’ll be surprised how doable it is!

We have a fantastic booklet with loads of fundraising ideas that we can send you. Don’t sit there thinking ‘nah, can’t do it'. Call us and we’ll tell you how you can! (Or email Hedi hedi.mueller@afs.org and she'll send it to you.)

Exchange costs vary, depending on programme length and country visited.

AFS pricing is based around making the exchange process as simple as possible for our participants. We bundle loads of value into the one fee to make it easy for you!

The AFS Pricing Guarantee

AFS guarantees that prices quoted (all inclusive, ticket included) at the time your exchange is confirmed will not change.

Other student exchange providers will increase your participation fee in response to exchange rate fluctuations but with AFS "what we say is what you pay".

AFS has a number of scholarships and grants available, in fact, a third of all students who go on an AFS exchange receive some form of financial assistance. More information.

We understand costs associated with student exchanges can seem daunting, this is why we've put together a comprehensive guide to fundraising for students who get selected for AFS. For more fundraising information, click here.

Have more questions?
Text Sending Coordinator Rhiannon on 022 639 0560, or rhiannon.robinson@afs.org, or call 0800 600 300 :)