Enquiry Form (not binding, just a first step!)

Congratulations for taking the first step towards departing on an AFS exchange! An exchange is your opportunity to spread your wings, take control of your life, travel and experience another culture - this is your time! Yippeeee! :)

Please note! We have been having some technical issues with our enquiry form lately. If you have ANY issues with it, or it won't submit or fill out, or you get halfway through and it does something odd, then just email Rhiannon ASAP! rhiannon.robinson@afs.org

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the AFS Enquiry Form below, which tells us a bit more about you, so we can help to plan your exchange.This form isn't binding; just the first step towards your exchange!

Just before you fill in the form! A few things to think about....

If you're applying for the Language Immersion Award (LIA) you will need to fill in a different form. You can find it here.

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