Teachers and Principals

Are you a teacher or Principal interested in professional development through teaching overseas or hosting an overseas educator? AFS can help!

AFS has a range of professional development programmes, including managing the Ministry of Education Language Immerison Awards (LIA), hosting overseas educators in New Zealand schools and being able to share and learn new teaching methods with educators from countries such as India, Malaysia or Spain. 

There are also programmes available to New Zealand educators from our AFS partner countries, or talk to us about some possible options for school to school visits.

For information on Programmes for Educators currently available or any questions about what is coming up in 2015 contact prue.elwood@afs.org or call 0800 LIA AFS (0800 237 542)

Current programmes available for teachers:

Additional Information about the Ministry of Education Language Immersion Awards

Learning Languages has been a defined learning area in The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) since 2007. The requirements for Boards of Trustees (p44) state that all schools should be working towards offering students opportunities for learning a second or subsequent language in years 7-10.  In English-medium schools there is a shift to intercultural language teaching and learning.

Cultural knowledge is no longer a list of artefacts and practices as in a museum, but a progressive exploration of and reflection on culture and culture-in-language. Students will extend their linguistic and cultural understanding and their ability to interact appropriately with other speakers.  As they move between, and respond to, different languages and different cultural practices, they are challenged to consider their own identities and assumptions.

The report to the Ministry of Education, The Teaching of International Languages in New Zealand Schools in Years 7-8: An Evaluation Study (AUT, 2003), identified teacher competency as critical to the successful implementation of teaching and learning programmes for learning languages, and recommended prioritising and increasing the range of professional development avenues currently available to teachers.

In 2004 Cabinet approved funding for the Language Immersion Awards (LIA) to provide teachers and students with opportunities to increase language knowledge and skills across a range of European, Asian and Pacific languages. As a result, participants will be more culturally knowledgeable and responsive and teachers in particular will be able to pass on language knowledge and skills to their students in a more confident and sophisticated way.

An evaluation of teacher language and culture immersion experience programmes from 2005-2009 (AUT).  An Evaluation of the Language and Culture Immersion Experiences (LCIE) for Teachers Programmes: Their impact on teachers and their contribution to effective second language learning, 2011) showed that overall they had a positive effect on language teachers and their classroom practice, particularly in language teacher proficiency in the immersion language, and enhancing skills in language teaching and language outcomes for students.