AFS Alumni

We love our Alumni!

An AFS experience changes lives and those who've had one like to stay connected and we love that.

We connect with our Alumni in a range of ways. Some are actively involved, volunteering at a chapter level, some are now sending parents themselves and others are hosting.

Some groups just want to get the Alumni newsletter four times a year and others keep in regular email contact with updates; sending us pictures of any reunions of AFS gatherings.

How connected you want to be as an Alumni is up to you.

Alumni might enjoy reading how today's young people are enjoying their AFS exchanges, please click on the links below:

Jack Potaka in Argentina
Annalise Boot in France
Briar Leith in Argentina
Emily Van De Wiel in the USA

So how can you connect?

If you'd like to get the Alumni Newsletter, or you're planning an AFS year reunion and want to send us some pictures email Susan -

If you think you're ready to help with a little (or a lot - we can hope!) volunteering or you're looking for and AFSer you've lost contact with  of some kind email Carla -

If you want to stay in the loop, but aren't quite ready for any of the above, just like us on Facebook, click here!

"My AFS experience was the single most influential experience of my life and I would say to anyone - don't think twice about it, because the advantages will be with you for life." - Peter Williams (Broadcaster) - USA 1972