Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering in NZ

Volunteers, young and old are the lifeblood of AFS. Being a volunteer is fun and satisfying

By signing up you’re doing your bit to foster inter-cultural learning and promote world peace. You’ll make friendships that last a lifetime, enhance your CV and give back to your local community.

We have plenty of roles depending on your skills and time available. You can help out at your local AFS chapter, welcome new arrivals, support host families, build or use your connections with local schools, there's something for everyone!

All we require if energy and enthusiasm!

Additionally we provide training both online and practical for our volunteers. Your volunteer work will earn you valuable experience and certification or your CV.

So, join our international family of 30,000 volunteers in 50 countries. AFS volunteers come from all walks of life, share a spirit of adventure and a desire to make the world a better place.

Sounds interesting? Email or call 0800 600 300.

Here’s what some of our people have to say about volunteering:

“This is an organisation which has enormous capacity to make positive change in the world, enabled by the work volunteers undertake. To work for AFS is both exciting and challenging, as there are always new perspectives, new beliefs and cultural differences to consider and learn, as well as a world of like-minded people to meet and share our dreams with.”
Claire Becker Gledhill, AFS Christchurch Pegasus Chapter

“Why have we been involved with AFS since 1988? It’s the people, the AFS kids, the huge expansion to our lives and outlook, and the invaluable intercultural competency learning and cultural self-efficacy that the AFS organisation imparts on all of its participants.”

Leo & Catherine Hitchcock, AFS North Shore Chapter

What can you do?‚Äč
AFS volunteers are our lifeblood. They have many talents and help us in all sorts of ways, such as:

supporting a local student and/or their host family
interviewing potential AFS students and/or host families
representing AFS at exhibitions or community events
building AFS relationships with schools
co-ordinating of AFS chapter activities
We provide lots of helpful resources for volunteers and have a great local network to help you with your work.

You can also help in other ways:

Sponsor our outreach activities for students and families.
Got some free wall space? Use it for AFS posters and brochures to promote the AFS message within your business or sport/interest group.
Got some free office space? This could be ideal for AFS meetings and events.