Host a student

Hosting an AFS international student is your families chance to experience a new culture in your own home.

AFS friendships last a lifetime, expand your horizons and give you a new son or daughter. AFS offers support through the entire process.

But don't just take our word for it! Click here to read an article written by a woman whoes parents hosted AFS students when she was young and she has gone on to host herself.

'I would like say a big thank you to everyone who has made this year the best of my life, especially all my amazing friends and wonderful host family.' Frida from Sweden - her new host family in Opotiki

'I had a lovely family and as I am an only child at home, I had for the first time the experience of having a (host) sister.' Jonas from Switzerland - his new host family in Wellington.

I reckon I have changed a lot in a positive way . I have the best host family ever and amazing friends.' - Linda from Finland - her new host family in Mahoenui.

'I seriously wish someone here could adopt me, so I can stay here forever. Maybe I should ask my host family?' Nao from Japan - her new host family in Auckland

'During my exchange I travelled around NZ with my lovely host family and I spent my time with friends and doing different things in my city.' Agostina from Argentina - her new host family in Dunedin

If you have more questions call the Programme Team on 0800 600 300 or 04 949 60 25 (or email